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Product Catalog

A Quick Glance of the products that our Partners can provide



Provide sandboxing, hyper scaling and unified security management to increase efficiency to security operations.



Automate security to cloud assets and workloads



Ensuring Zero Trust access to corporate applications for user’s access and devices.


All-in-one Platform to Process Data between CheckPoint Product Line 



Provide up to date phishing templates to be use to train user on phishing email


Cofense Reporter

Allow user to report emails to send to their organization’s security team for further analysis


Cofense LMS

Learning Management System that allow employees to have increase awareness on phishing emails


Cofense Triage

Enable Organization’s security team to analysis suspicious emails by automate filtering of reported emails


Confense Intelligence

In depth analysis of trends to detect emerging phishing threats


Cofense Vision

Automate identifying and quarantine of malicious emails before vulnerable user can trigger it.


Cofense Protect

Provide fast implementation solution to mitigate phishing emails in organization using AI-based, advance technologies


CyberSecurity and DDoS Protection (Arbor DDoS)

Enables monitor and detection of possible DDoS patterns and implement measures to mitigate it


Application and Service monitoring

Analysis end user or network behavior to breakdown possible causes of disruption to application and services


Cloud application performance and Security (Omnis)

Integration to cloud gateway to provide analysis tools to safeguard organization data on the cloud .


Securaze Work

Provide erasure solution to enable hardware to be reused


Securaze Remote

Remote solution to enable erasure remotely (if system is able to access to internet) or within the network (for isolated network under the same subnet)


Securaze Mobile

Provide erasure to mobile phones


Securaze Command

DashBoard platform to provide information across Securaze Products 

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